Ross J. Miller is a multi-talented psychic, medium, past-life regression therapist, and healer. For over 25 years Ross has been using his diverse talents to help thousands of people worldwide find answers to their everyday problems as well as bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to their lives.

Throughout his childhood Ross was extremely intuitive. However, it wasn't until after he graduated from the Wharton Business School and took his first company public that his spiritual awakening began. It came in the form of a series of clairvoyant dreams that foretold of his psychic and healing abilities.

During the next several years Ross studied with various psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, spiritual/energy healers and regression therapists in New England and Los Angeles. As part of his own self-healing process, Ross learned how to regress himself back to his various lives. It was then that Ross discovered that he had been a psychic, a healer, and a shaman during a number of past incarnations in Egypt, India, England, and as a Native American.

Ross is available for Psychic/Mediumistic Readings, Regression Therapy Sessions, Aura & Chakra Healing Sessions, Angel & Spirit Guide Introductions, either in person or by telephone. Throughout the year Ross also teaches a number of one-day intensive Psychic Development & Angel Communication Workshops. Classes are highly interactive and limited to small groups. Ross's office is located in Newton, Massachusetts, just minutes from Boston.