Each of us has several spirit guides and angels. They're all around us, and they want to communicate with us and help us on a daily basis. In their natural state, spirit guides and angels look like balls of light. You may have noticed these little flickering lights out of the corner of your eye which disappear as soon as you turn your head. These flickering gold and white lights are usually spirit guides and angels. Quite often a child's imaginary playmate will be a spirit guide or an angel. These celestial beings typically send us loving, healing energy, keep us on our chosen path, protect us, answer our questions, help us in our work and play, and inspire our creative endeavors.

Using a simple breathing technique, Ross will show you how to identify your spirit guides and angels by name and feel their loving, healing presence around you. You'll also learn their various qualities and traits and receive guidance from them. Most importantly, you'll find out how to work with them on a regular basis so that your life becomes calmer, centered, and inspired.

Learning to communicate with your spirit guides and angels usually takes 30 - 40 minutes. It can be part of a 1 or 1 1/2 hour psychic reading or a 2-hour regression therapy session.