Ross J. Miller is unique among regression therapists because he has the added abilities that come with being a psychic, a medium, and an energy healer. This enables him to utilize numerous techniques as well as draw upon the wisdom and healing powers of his spirit guides and angels.

A Typical Regression Therapy Session

A typical regression therapy session is 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. The session begins with a special breathing exercise to relax and center you. Once centered, you will be able to communicate with your "Higher Self," that part of you that knows everything about you. Through your Higher Self you will discover the issues that you need to work on during that particular session. These issues might include existing fears or phobias; anger towards others such as an ex-spouse/lover or an abusive parent; depression; difficulties attracting money or a soul mate; addictions; eating disorders; obsessive-compulsive behaviors; existing aches, pains, or illnesses etc.

 Ross will then guide you back in time to the root causes or first events that led to the creation of the trauma or negative beliefs that are currently blocking or limiting you. Once a problem has been taken back to its source and the common thread that connects the past to the present is discovered, understanding, forgiveness, release, and healing can take place.

During a regression session you are not hypnotized. You are in a very relaxed state of awareness and totally in control. You can open your eyes at any time during the session to ask questions, get a drink of water etc. Then, by using a simple breathing exercise, you can get right back into that heightened state of awareness.

Many problems or issues can be resolved in just one session. Some issues require two or more sessions. Unlike traditional "talk" therapy, each regression session is complete in and of itself; therefore, your sessions (if you need more than one) can be spaced over several days, weeks, or months.

Some of the added benefits of regression therapy are that you, the client, become more intuitive and creative. As your connection to higher levels of consciousness becomes clear and unblocked, your body's natural healing abilities are also greatly enhanced. Many clients find that they are quickly able to learn and successfully use these simple regression techniques on their own, thus becoming their own lifelong healers.