Guilt, Anger and Grief Transformed...
In the course of one (two-hour) treatment with Ross I was able to release and heal the deep, dark feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and grief that had their origins in several of my past lives as a soldier. I did not anticipate the huge amount of "stuff" that I saw and felt being released from my being. I dug deep with Ross' healing method and have had a feeling of lightness ever since. What a transformation! I look forward to my second session with Ross. He's the real deal! Please go see him for what ails you. Thank you, Ross.*
Brian D., Cambridge, MA

Accountant Turned Hand Model...

Dear Ross,
Several months ago you gave me a psychic reading. During the reading I told you that I was getting bored being an accountant. You tuned into the problem and suggested that I get an agent and become a "hand and foot model" of all things! You said it would add an interesting dimension to my life, plus it would increase my income, since I could do it in my off-hours. I must admit, I left your office rather doubtful, but within two weeks I found an agent who represents male hand models. Almost immediately he got me a booking with a photographer who needed a model for a photographic lecture he was giving. My agent says he should be able to get me more bookings starting in the fall. I can't believe it! This is something that would have never occurred to me. Thanks again.*
Richard S., Brookline, MA

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Gone...

Dear Ross,
I don't know if you remember me, but about a year ago I called you up in tremendous need of healing. You kindly gave me three healing sessions over the phone because I was unable to get out of bed due to my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (muscle, nerve and joint inflammation). Add to that nine years of debilitating depression and anxiety attacks due to a childhood filled with severe physical and sexual abuse from rageful, alcoholic parents.
During the "psychic reading" part of the first session, the puzzle pieces of my life started coming together and making sense, especially when you explained my (past-life) karma with my current-life, abusive parents. Then, during the next two (healing) sessions when you called in all the angels and I saw them pulling out all that smoky, black gunk (current and past-life trauma/negativity) from various parts of my body, I couldn't believe it! By the end of the third session not only was the fibromyalgia, the chronic fatigue, and the depression gone, but also my chronic neck pain and the awful knot I'd had in my stomach since childhood!
From that day on I haven't looked back. After cleaning up my messy apartment that was piled high with several years' worth of junk, I took out my old paint set and started creating beautiful pictures again. For the first time in my life I feel good about myself. Thank you, Ross, for giving me my life back.*
Denise F., Hull, MA

Agoraphobia Cured...

Dear Ross,
A long-overdue thank you for all that you've done for me. The two regression sessions truly gave me my life back and began a new era of peace, joy, and spiritual and personal growth. My agoraphobia (fear of being in public places) is completely gone. In addition, I've started exercising and eating better, and, as a result, I've lost 30 lbs! I owe it all to you.*
Elizabeth S., Framingham, MA

Plagued By Hives...

Dear Ross,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me get rid of those awful hives that I've had on and off for the last six years. When you told me that it came from being angry with my older sister for trying to control my life, it made complete sense... The part where you showed me how to feel the anger inside myself was incredible. It actually felt like pressure and heaviness throughout my whole body. Then, when you had me release the anger through forgiveness, it was like something you read about but think is impossible. As unbelievable as it sounds, my hives got better immediately, and haven't returned! What's even more incredible is that you were able to do the healing over the phone. Words can't express my gratitude.
P.S.--Now when I talk to my sister on the phone, I don't get upset (and full of hives) like I used to.*
Sarah T., Lexington, MA

Vietnam PTSD Healed...

As a Vietnam Vet, I suffered for the past 40 years from depression and panic attacks that made me feel like I was going to die any second. I was also having horrific nightmares two to three nights a week about people being blown up and body parts flying in all directions. Thank God I listened to my wife and went to see Ross Miller. He was so successful healing her migraines and chronic back pain that she literally forced me to go.
Even though I was new to spiritual things, Ross explained it all so that it made sense. He first had me do a meditation which made me feel really calm. Next, he had me feel everything that was bothering me, even past-life stuff. This was the part that amazed me...Wherever there was an ache or a pain, he started pulling this black gooey stuff (negative energy) out of my body. As it left my body, I started feeling better and better. By the end of the session, I felt as relaxed as a little baby cradled in someone's arms. That's saying a lot, given that I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 215 lbs. The final result is I'm no longer depressed, and the panic attacks and horrible dreams are gone. If anyone out there suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), go see Ross. He's the man!*
Roger E., Manchester, NH

Scalped By Indians...What A Headache!

The first thing out of Ross's mouth once the psychic reading began was, "I see you in the mid-1800's on a wagon train heading west. Indians are attacking, and you get scalped. Tell me, do you tend to get headaches around your hairline?"
It turns out that that's exactly where my migraines generally start. It feels like a tight band around the top of my head and gets worse and worse.
Later, when the healing segment began in the second hour, I felt a pleasant tingling around different parts of my body, but especially around the top of my head. Ross said that the tingling sensation was the healing energy being sent to me by my angels and spirit guides. All I know is, it's six weeks later and I haven't had one migraine, and I used to get at least two a week. Several other aches and pains are gone too. I gotta say, Ross made me a believer.*
Charlene D., Philadelphia, PA

Big Sale Predicted...

Dear Ross,
Awhile ago I came to see you for help with some business questions. As a self-employed businesswoman, I felt I needed someone with a business background like yours to bounce some ideas off of. I found your psychic insights relating to various prospective business associates to be quite eye-opening and, as it turned out, extremely accurate. Also, if you remember, I had a business prospect that was located out of state. I wasn't going to pursue them because another consultant had told me it was "a waste of time." As it turned out, they ended up becoming one of my best clients thus far. I never would have made that big sale if you hadn't insisted I go after it. Thanks again.*
Marilyn E., Newton, MA

Back Pain and Depression Healed by Angels...

Ross works with some powerful healing angels and spirit guides. The pain in my lower back and heaviness in my legs healed completely on the spot, and I could actually feel negative energies leaving my aura. I went to his office feeling heavy in mind and body and left feeling light as a feather and a bit giddy! I continue to cleanse my aura daily, releasing negative energies as he showed me, and I don't seem plagued by chronic depression any more. My experience with Ross has renewed my sense of being loved, helped, guided and healed by a loving, higher power. Thank you, Ross; and thank you, angels!*
Helen H., Osterville, MA

Going Crazy with Negative Voices...

Dear Ross,
Thank you for getting rid of those negative voices I kept hearing in my head. I was starting to think I was going crazy. What might have taken me years of therapy to get rid of took you less than one hour! God bless you.*
Christine H., Lake Placid, NY

Ghost Gone...

Dear Ross,
I can't believe you were able to get rid of the ghost that was in my house. It's a pleasure not to be woken up in the middle of the night and then hear strange breathing in the room. Also, the lights and TV don't keep going on and off for no reason, and I've stopped getting those weird hang-up calls from Canada. The best thing, however, is that my cat and dog are much calmer, especially the cat. It used to only come downstairs to eat, and then it would race back up to the bedroom and hide. What convinced me that the spook was really gone was that the same day you got rid of it, my cat actually stayed downstairs after it ate, and she's never done that before. My children are also getting along better and solving their own problems instead of fighting. All in all, the energy in our house is a lot better.
Also, remember those chest pains I had off and on for five years that made me feel like I was having a heart attack? Well, the regression session you did with me got rid of that too. I can't thank you enough.*
Carrie R., Manchester, NH

Psychic Workshop a 3rd Eye-Opener...

Dear Ross,
Your Psychic Development Workshop was an eye-opening experience to say the least! I had never really considered myself to be psychic or formally explored my abilities. Needless to say, I didn't really expect any results from myself, but I was very pleasantly surprised. You succeeded in creating an atmosphere that made me feel completely at ease to "tune in" to the messages I was receiving and, more importantly, to feel comfortable enough to say them aloud. From now on I plan to schedule some quiet time each day to communicate with my spirit guides and angels and to work on developing my abilities. In the meantime, I'm sure I'll be giving you a call in the near future to set up an appointment for a reading or regression session. Thanks again.*
Liz M., Hollis, NH

Jealous Rage Completely Gone...

Before I came to see you I was consumed by jealousy. Whenever I dated a girl, if she even looked at another man, I'd go into a rage. My stomach and chest would immediately tighten, and my head would feel like it was going to explode. I was even starting to suffer from migraine headaches and depression. After only just a few sessions with you, my jealous feelings are completely gone, so are the headaches and depression. For the first time in my life I feel I'm in control of my emotions and ready to settle down and start a family.*
Paul H., Boston, MA

Astonished by Old Tape...

Dear Ross,
I came to see you with my husband in 1998 and had saved a copy of the tape (of the reading). I listened to it again recently, and it was pretty astonishing. Let's just say that your predictions were completely right on!*
Jeanne C., Cambridge, MA

Soul Mate Found...

Several months ago during a psychic reading, I asked you when I'd meet my soul mate. You told me "In about four months," and then proceeded to describe what he'd look like. Well, as it turned out, it only took two months!
In addition to describing him to a "T," you said that it would be "love at first sight"and that we'd "fit together like a hand in a glove" because of our "many past lives together." Well, you were right on all counts. That's exactly how it felt...Oh,by the way, we're getting married in September and we'd like you to come to the wedding. Many thanks.*
Sheila M., Portland, ME

Mischievious Spirits Cause Child to Act Out...

I came to see you because my 2-year-old daughter all of a sudden started kicking and biting people and saying the "F" word. When I asked her where she had heard that word, she said, "the two boys who live in my room told me to say it." They also told her that "people like it when you kick and bite them."
During my psychic reading and healing session, you confirmed that it was the lost souls of two mischievous, young boys, around 9 and 10 years old. You said these two earth-bound spirits liked being around my daughter because she could see them and would talk to them. After sending them loving, healing energy, you called down the spirits of their deceased relatives to take them into the "white light" where they belonged.
The morning after our session, my daughter, totally on her own, came up to me and said, "Mommy, the two boys are gone." Since that day there hasn't been any more swearing, biting, or kicking, and my daughter is once again the adorable child that she always was.*
Agnes T., Providence, RI

Cutting Back on Medication...

Dear Ross,
After my psychic-healing session the other day, I noticed a shift in my energy. Since then, I've hardly needed to take any of my anti-anxiety meds. It's been years since I could do that. I will continue to listen to the meditation tape you gave me. Thank you so much for your help and generosity.*
Kathy F., Medford, MA

Mind-Expanding vs. Mind-Shrinking...

Dear Ross,
Thanks again for the psychic reading last week. It was extraordinary! I learned more from you in that one hour than I did from my psychiatrist in a year.*
Mary B., Boston, MA

Lion Eats Client...

Dear Ross,
For years I've been telling my best friend that I keep getting this strange feeling that I was somehow eaten by a lion. So when you told me during the psychic reading that I had a past life in which I was eaten by a lion while on safari in Africa, it blew my mind!*
Ellie M., Marlboro, MA

Talk to Your Body...

Dear Ross,
Even though I already thanked you in the office, I wanted to do it again in writing. The pain that I had in my right hand, arm, shoulder, and the right side of my head and ear for the last three months is still gone! I guess you were right. Most of my aches and pains were just energy blocks caused by anger and negative feelings about my old job. Thank you for showing me how to talk to my body and find out what was wrong. Now that I'm pain-free and off disability insurance, I've decided to listen to my body and get a new job, one that I fully enjoy this time.*
Jane W., Boston, MA

Depression and Anxiety Attacks Turn Into Smiles...

Dear Ross,
As you know, I've suffered from severe depression and overwhelming anxiety attacks for most of my life. I've been in psychiatric hospitals and been through more therapy than I care to think about. When you're sexually abused as a child and then one of your parents commits suicide, it leaves you feeling depressed and abandoned and very angry at life and God. When I started doing the regression work with you two months ago, I wasn't really expecting that much. But after just three (two-hour) sessions, I'm starting to feel positive about life. I even catch myself smiling every now and then. You're a Godsend.*
Amanda R., Brighton, MA

No More Nightmares...

Thank you for helping me get rid of all those horrible nightmares I was having. Your interpretations were right on the button. Now that my dreams have turned positive, I've started to keep a dream journal like you suggested. I even figured out a couple of them myself!*
Paul D., Hartford, CT

"I'm Totally Blocked"...

Dear Ross,
When I came to see you, I felt totally blocked. I didn't know whether to keep my current job or change careers entirely. I wasn't sure if I should move or stay in the Boston area. Also, I was tired of being single and wanted to know when I was going to meet my soul mate. You said I was the kind of person who likes to experience things firsthand. So, instead of giving me a typical psychic reading, like you've done in the past, you progressed my Higher Self into my own future...actually, several possible futures, based on the different decisions I was choosing from. I then was able to choose the one I liked best.
In all those spiritual books I've read, I never knew what it meant when they said, "You create your own reality." I understand it a lot better now. I also feel much more in control of my life. Thanks again.*
Arthur C., Brighton, MA

Single Mom Turns Life Around...

Dear Ross,
I don't know if you remember, but when I first came to see you, I was an unemployed, single mom and felt suicidal a lot of the time. After just a few sessions, I got rid of a lot of my fears and anger, and I finally stopped gasping for breath. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I got a great job several months ago. It's the first job I've ever had that pays well, so my son and I don't have to live with my parents any more. Also, I must be feeling more self-confident because I told my boyfriend to hit the road. That was hard, but I'm glad I did it. I know I have more healing to do, but I'm confident it will happen. Ross, thank you for turning my life around.*
Hanna S., Melrose, MA

Buried Alive...

Dear Ross,
Thank you for getting rid of my respiratory problems. As an opera singer and singing teacher, I can't work if I can't breathe. It was amazing how you tuned right into my various fears. I knew about the fear of heights, and the fear of abandonment made sense, once you said it. But the fear of being buried alive sounded weird until you regressed me back to that lifetime in Egypt when I was a slave. I saw myself being buried alive in a tomb that I had helped to build. I guess that would make anyone gasp for air. Anyway, thanks again for getting rid of that terrible pressure in my chest, and thanks also for introducing me to my spirit guide Tantem and my guardian angel Astara.*
Norina R., Lynn, MA

Client Heals Her Mother...

Dear Ross,
Thank you for showing me how to send healing energy to my mother in Maryland. Ever since I started doing it, she says she feels much more positive, "like a big cloud has been lifted." It's funny, but after I send her the white-light energy, I feel better too. But then you told me that would happen.*
Sarah T., Brighton, MA

Angels to the Rescue...

Dear Ross,
Last February you graciously gave me your time and attention as I was in the midst of a healing crisis--with surgery for cancer imminent. Your guidance and insights into past life issues have been extremely important to me in my transition from disease to health. You made it possible for me to gain access to a world of spirit guides and angels who have served me faithfully in my healing process. Thank you for your generosity and for caring.*
John F., Somerville, MA

Rape Trauma Released...

Dear Ross,
I wanted to thank you for that wonderful regression healing session. When I came to your office, I was hunched over and frowning. After we released the trauma from my childhood rape, I was able to leave your office with a smile on my face, standing straight and tall. I'm also breathing more fully. I can't thank you enough.*
Samantha C., Hartford, CT

Five Years of Growth in Two Hours...

Dear Ross,
Even though I know we could have done it over the phone, the past-life regression session I had in your office was well worth the six-hour drive (from upstate New York). I'll never be the same again. I feel like I crammed five years of spiritual growth and understanding into those two hours.*
Jim B., Utica, NY

Angels = 1; Sominex = 0

Dear Ross,
After taking your "angel course," I slept peacefully throughout the night for the first time in years. I felt the presence of my spirit guides and angels around me all night comforting and protecting me. Thank you so much. It's such a comfort knowing they're around. Sincerely,*
Beverly S., Watertown, MA

Smiling Again...

Dear Ross,
When I came to see you, I had so many fears and was feeling very sad. In just two hours you helped me release it all so I could smile about it like it never existed. Thank you.*
Eleanora N., Boston, MA

Messages from Above...

Dear Ross,
I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for the Psychic Development class yesterday. It was a wonderful experience and helped me with a variety of psychic aspects. Most importantly, I gained the confidence to listen to what was being said to me from above. Without passing that milestone, I feel that future development would have been fruitless. I look forward to working with you again.*
Michael D., Lee, NH

Karma Going, Going, Gone...

Dear Ross,
Thank you so very much. You have helped me more than you could possibly imagine! I feel I have one more session's worth of work to do with you before I feel strong enough and capable enough to begin releasing my karmic issues on my own as you suggested. I'll be sure to pass your name and number along to my friends. You're a wonderful healer. I'll be in touch very soon.*
Gina J., North Kingston, RI

Anger Lifted...

Dear Mr. Miller,
Thank you for showing me how to get rid of the anger I was feeling toward my ex-boyfriend. I can't believe I was actually able to feel the anger lifting out of my body. I now feel I can meet somebody even better.*
Cindy L., Burlington, VT

Psychic Development Can Be Fun...

Dear Ross,
I'm so happy I took your Psychic Development Workshop yesterday. It was not only fun, but I feel like it opened me up to new places...Through your psychic readings and healing sessions, I've learned a lot from you in a short time. I appreciate you as a teacher and a healer. Thank you for your guidance.*
Judith S., Lexington, MA

Lost Souls Healed...

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me release the spirits of all the children who had been coming to me in visions. I think you were right, my work as an intuitive trying to help the police locate abducted children must have attracted the souls of those children to me. For years, every time I closed my eyes I would see hundreds of little children coming toward me holding onto each other's hands like a human chain, eventually surrounding me. At times, the feeling of sorrow coming from them was too much to bear.
No matter what I did or who I went to, nothing seemed to help. During the healing session with you, when I saw all of those lost, little souls heading into the white light, I was overcome with a sense of relief and joy. Since that healing session, the visions have stopped completely!
God bless you, Ross. You will never know the great peace of mind that you and your wonderful abilities have brought to me. Forever grateful.*
Susan T., North Dighton, MA

Totally Recharged...

Dear Ross,
I wanted to let you know how much I benefited from your psychic reading and healing session. Spiritually, I felt like I was a dead battery that was recharged. Mentally, I'm a lot more aware of my thought patterns and am relieved that I've started healthier ones of faith rather than fear. Physically, I feel like a toxic load has been lifted and replaced with a calm, clear lightness of being. Thank you for this healing.*
Kylie R., Maynard, MA

Enemies Then...Sisters Now

It never made sense to me why being around my sister would cause me to get very anxious, which, in turn, would lead to a stabbing pain in the back of my head. Then Ross explained it to me. He said that I've encountered my sister in several past lives, mostly as my enemy when we were both male. In one of those past lives he (she) robbed me at gunpoint, and in another we were warriors, and he (she) whacked me on the back of the head with a battle axe and killed me. Ross said that in this life we chose to come back as siblings to force us to work out our past-life enmity. I must admit, I found it easier to forgive her once I learned that I had strangled her to death in a third incarnation.
During the forgiveness exercise Ross had me do, I felt and saw muddy, dark energy coming out of the back of my head, the exact spot where she had whacked me. Once all the dark energy had left my body, I felt great! Ross also told me that by healing my past-life negative karma with my sister, I wouldn't have to reincarnate with her again. Another bonus!!!*
Sandra P., Lewiston, ME

Brother's Death Constricts Heart...

Not only did Ross get rid of my migraines, he also got rid of the depression that had dogged me since my brother died in a car accident when I was four years old.
When Ross told me that I had a subconscious fear that "I was going to be next to die" he hit it right on the button. I had thought those exact words many times before, ever since my brother died. Ross also told me that I took on my parents' grief which caused my heart to feel heavy and, therefore, pump with less strength. This made it difficult to get enough blood pumped to my brain which caused my headaches. Any added stress in my life would then trigger a migraine. After opening up my chakras (energy centers) he pulled out all the negativity from my heart, and the headaches/migraines stopped...What a relief! I finally know what it means when they say, "It's good to be alive!"*
David L., Great Barrington, MA

Victim of Poisoned Dart...

I don't know what was better, Ross' getting rid of my migraines or his getting rid of the ongoing pain in my lower back and hip area. When I told Ross that I suffered from migraines, he decided to regress me back to the root cause of the problem. During the past-life regression, I saw myself as a Bantu warrior in Africa. I felt a sudden jab of pain in the right side of my forehead where someone from a competing tribe had shot me with a poisoned dart.
My lower back pain, it turns out, was caused by a past life when I was fox hunting in England in the late 1700's. My horse stumbled while jumping over a stone wall, and I landed on my rump, badly injuring my hip and lower spine. Like magic, Ross called on his angels and had them pull out all the pain and trauma from those past lives that was still lodged in my current-life body.
Months later I saw Ross a second time to get rid of some other aches and pains that I had forgotten about during the first session. Seeing Ross was like taking a magic pill. I'd recommend him to anybody.*
Charlie M., Stamford, CT

Meditation Brings A "State Of Grace"...

While doing Ross's golden-light meditation at the very beginning of my healing session, I suddenly had a realization of God's love for me. It was an all-encompassing wonderful feeling. By the end of the healing session I felt so good, I couldn't believe it. It felt like I was in somebody else's body. My mind was sharp and clear, and my body was very, very relaxed. Ross said that I was in "a state of grace." I had heard that expression before, but I never knew what it meant. Now, whenever I get tense or out of sorts, I play Ross' meditation CD, and I feel great again.*
Larry G., Scottsdale, AZ