Originally printed in:
2009 Holistic Health Guide for New England
Reprinted in:
Ozark Research Institute News, October 2009, Volume 3, #3

How Karma Works
by Ross J. Miller

Karma can best be described as the cycle of cause and effect, i.e., "What you give out to the world, you get back," or "As you sow, so shall you reap." According to the laws of karma all of our thoughts, feelings and actions can and do create our past, present and future experiences. Although the concept of karma originated in ancient India, the basic ideas regarding karma differ only slightly between religious/spiritual traditions.

Performing good deeds is an excellent way to create positive karma. Good deeds are like having money in the bank. The "money" can be used to pay off past life or current life karmic debts (misdeeds) or to create or attract positive events in the future.

Positive karma is also created when we learn anything new, such as a foreign language, how to play an instrument, meditate, how to balance a checkbook, or even how to get along with others. These skills can be carried forward into future lives. A great musician-composer like Mozart doesn't just happen.

Negative karma is created by harming others (or yourself) physically, mentally or emotionally. The perpetrator often takes on the karma of guilt as a result of those actions, while the victim often takes on the karma of hatred, vengefulness or physical, mental or emotional trauma.

If we remembered our past lives, many of us would waste our current lives trying to avenge our past-life hurts. This is why we don't remember our past lives until we're spiritually ready.

Forgiveness and loving acceptance is one of the best ways to heal negative karma. Forgive all those who may have harmed you in this life and past lives. Ask for forgiveness from all those you may have harmed.

Past-life regression is a great way to help you understand how each karmic issue originated, who or what was involved in its creation, and what else you might need to do to resolve or heal it.

Originally printed in: Earth Star Magazine, February/March 2006

A Ghost In The House
by Ross J. Miller

Daily, it seems, we're being bombarded by TV shows and stories about ghosts, haunted houses, mediums talking to the dead, and other strange phenomena. Despite the fact that it's become common TV fare, most people are still in denial about anything to do with the spirit realm.

But ghosts and haunted houses do exist! In fact they're more common than you might think. As a psychic medium, past-life regression therapist, and healer, I regularly get phone calls or emails asking me if I can get rid of ghosts; and I'm sure I'm not the only psychic medium out there receiving these types of requests.

The good news is that the average run-of-the-mill ghost is generally harmless. They don't throw people out of third-story windows or try to bludgeon them with a meat cleaver while sleeping, as Hollywood would like us to believe. The other good news is that ghosts can be healed and removed from any location quite easily. Even better, because there are no time or space limitations in the spiritual realm, a knowledgeable psychic healer can rid a home of a ghost by either visiting the location or through long-distance healing from their office or by phone.

One particularly interesting haunting was brought to my attention earlier this year. I had just arrived at my office when I got a call from a woman who was desperate to see me. Carrie told me that she had been having difficulty sleeping for several weeks. "Every night I wake up and hear heavy breathing in the room," she said. "Could it be your husband?" I asked. "No, I'm a single mother, and my two young children sleep down the hall. That's not all," she said, "The TV and the lights are constantly turning on and off for no reason. I also get weird hangup calls from Canada, and I don't know anyone in Canada."

"Are there any other strange things going on in your house?" I asked her.

"Well, whenever my dog and cat come inside the house they become very tense and cautious, and the only time they'll stay downstairs is to eat. As soon as they're done, they immediately run back upstairs as if they're afraid of something. Occasionally, I've also noticed one or two freezing cold spots inside the house, and if I happen to walk through one of these areas, I get a really weird feeling all over my body."

"Hmm," I said, "It sounds like it could be a ghost."

Three days later Carrie arrived at my office; her eyes looked sallow and tired from not having slept. As Carrie sat comfortably in a chair facing me, I briefly described what we'd be doing during the next hour. I explained that not only would we be healing and releasing the ghost from her house, but we'd also be healing her as well.

I closed my eyes and began to tune into Carrie's situation psychically. Almost immediately, I started to feel the various spirit guides and angels that typically advise me on such matters fluttering around my head. Images and words began flooding my brain as they explained to me that a ghost named Lisa was living in Carrie's house. It was Lisa, they informed me, who was causing the loud breathing sounds at night as well as all the mischievous, weird happenings with the TV, the lights, and the phone. My spirit guides and angels went on to tell me that Lisa had died in the house 80 years earlier of consumption. Lisa was 37 years old at the time and didn't want to leave her beloved home.

Unlike Lisa the ghost, when most of us die, our soul, which looks like a little ball of light, leaves our physical body and briefly enters the astral plane, which is a spiritual way station. While in the astral plane, a person's soul might float around its former earthly body for awhile, or it might check in on certain relatives in order to say good-bye, until it finally realizes that it's dead. Usually, at that point the soul feels itself being drawn up into the White Light--God's loving, healing energy.

A ghost, as it turns out, is nothing more than a soul who, for one reason or another, remains on the astral plane, instead of going into the White Light as it should. Based on my personal experience interacting with the spirit realm, the primary reason ghosts remain on the astral plane is because they don't realize they're dead.

This is exactly what happened with Lisa the ghost, who was haunting Carrie's home. She was so fixated on not wanting to leave that she obsessively ignored the positive pull of the White Light and stayed stuck in this astral or limbo state while floating up and down the stairwells, through the bedrooms and the main parlor of her beautiful Victorian home.

So what to do? After calling in all of Carrie's spirit guides and angels as well as my own, I led Carrie through a quick meditation in which our angels and guides cleansed and healed Carrie's body, her aura (the spiritual light surrounding her body), and her chakras (energy centers), with golden light. We then asked our spirit guides and angels to transmit celestial healing light through our bodies and out our hands to Lisa the ghost. After healing Lisa's soul of all of its negativity from past and current-life traumas, as well as releasing her from her attachment to her earthly home, we asked her spirit guides and angels, as well as her deceased loved ones, to surround her with their love and guide her into the White Light.

Within seconds of completing the healing, we both sensed that Lisa had successfully gone into the White Light. My guides verified it verbally, and Carrie experienced a sense of glowing lightness when she pictured her home in her mind.

Additional verification came two days later when Carrie called to tell me that when she got home, her dog and cat both ate downstairs and then stayed downstairs, which they had never done before. She also mentioned that the loud breathing had stopped and that she was finally able to sleep through the night.

The reason so many ghosts like Lisa exist is because many of us don't believe in life after death. When the soul separates from the body, it seems to many of these souls that they're still alive. After all, they can still see and hear the people around them! However, when they try to communicate with the living, and we don't respond, these same souls often become very confused, frustrated, and lonely. Since people aren't taught that they should go into the White Light when they die in order to be cleansed and healed, they will often mistakenly focus their attention on their former earthly possessions, and their friends and relatives who are still alive. This, unfortunately, causes them to remain on the astral plane.

To understand this ghostly realm one needs to realize that time is very different on the astral plane. One hundred years in earth time seems like only a few months on the astral plane. Since many ghosts stay attached to a home or a building for several hundred years, like Lisa, they're periodically forced to deal with new families moving into "their" home. Worse yet, they have to put up with the newcomers' annoying habits and taste in décor. It's no wonder that the inhabiting ghosts sometimes get upset and "haunt" us.

However, no matter whether these ghosts are the harmless, quiet type or the mischievous, boisterous type, the important thing to realize is that they can all be healed and sent into the White Light with the help of a little good old-fashioned loving, healing energy. But, then again, can't we all?

Part 1 originally printed in:
2007 Holistic Health Guide for New England
Part 2 originally printed in:
Spirit of Change Magazine, Summer 2007 Edition

Advice From A Psychic, Part 1
by Ross J. Miller

• The reason most of us don't see auras is that as children we're taught to color inside the lines, whereas auras exist outside the lines.

• When you're in love, your aura will have a ribbon of pink energy in front of your eyes. This is where the expression "looking at life through rose-colored glasses" comes from.

• "Ask and it shall be given." If you ask your angels and spirit guides for their guidance, inspiration, healing, etc., they'll help you 100%, 24/7. Because we all have "free will," they're not allowed to force themselves on us, so ask, ask, ask. It's the best deal in the universe!

• If you've ever seen little balls of white, gold, or brightly colored lights out of the corners of your eyes that suddenly disappear when you turn your head, those are spirit guides and angels.

• Angels are totally loving and accepting. Spirit guides, like most of us, aren't quite there yet.

• Many people are unsuccessful in the world because they're ungrounded. A simple technique for becoming more grounded is to imagine that you're growing roots out of the bottoms of your feet deep into the ground.

• When someone pushes one of your buttons, making you angry or fearful etc., don't see them as your tormentor; instead, see them as your mentor or teacher pointing out what you need to work on inside yourself. (After all, if you didn't have the button, they couldn't push it.)

• Meditate every day and your aura will become bright and clear. This, in turn, will attract positive people and opportunities into your life.

• The future isn't cast in stone. You can improve your future by working on yourself and releasing your issues or energy blocks.

Advice From A Psychic, Part 2
by Ross J. Miller

• Whenever you're nervous about your own safety or the safety of others such as your children, just call on archangel Michael and ask him to put a protective shield of white or golden light around you, them, your car, etc. Do this daily or whenever you feel the need. This works well for teenagers driving the family car or for someone going off to war.

• One way to remove ghosts from a house is to inform them that they're dead, send them loving, healing energy, and ask your spirit guides, angels and the archangels to take them into the white light.

• Just like your skin, which protects your body from outside bacteria, your aura is your spiritual skin protecting you from negative people, negative energies and entities that might be around you.

• Meditation, being in love, making love, exercise, being outside in nature, and doing positive things all cause your aura to expand and become brighter. Just the opposite occurs when you drink excessively, take drugs, smoke, speak negatively or think negative thoughts.

• As you heal and release more and more of your physical, mental and emotional energy blocks (your karma), you start to become a source of light rather than a source of negativity.

• When you divorce or break up with someone, it's important to forgive them and release them energetically; otherwise, you'll probably end up reincarnating with them again and again until you do.

• If you don't get along with a certain family member(s), chances are you were enemies in a past life/lives. Believe it or not, you chose to incarnate with each other in this life in order to learn to become loving and accepting of each other.

• Many people today are very sensitive to other people's negative energy and, therefore, prefer to stay by themselves. You can alleviate this by doing a daily meditation that specifically cleanses and protects your body and your aura.

• Once you discover, acknowledge, heal and let go of your negative subconscious beliefs, you'll start manifesting a more positive reality for yourself.

• No matter what activity or job you're doing throughout the day, call on a spirit guide or angelic "expert" to help you. Angels and spirit guides can subdivide and, therefore, can help many people simultaneously; so don't worry about monopolizing their time.

• Each of us has several spirit guides and angels, even the most negative of people.

• When you feel least deserving of getting help, that's when you should be asking your spirit guides and angels for help, guidance, and healing the most.

• While your "soul's purpose" for incarnating might be a specific career choice such as healer or comedian, more often, it pertains to overcoming negative or self destructive behaviors/addictions, releasing anger, hatred, and vengefulness, most of which are rooted in past lives. Conversely, you could also be here to learn positive qualities such as forgiveness compassion, love, etc.

• If you want to get a first-hand idea of how you'll like or dislike a potential job opportunity, mate, new home or locale, etc., you can be progressed into the future and literally "try it out" before committing yourself.

• Your higher self (a white chakra located about three feet above your head) is always a participant in the creation of your dreams. Once you learn how to connect with your higher self, you'll be able to figure out the meaning of your dreams.