During a reading, Ross communicates telepathically with his angels and spirit guides who read and interpret your aura, the spiritual light surrounding your physical body. He also communicates with your angels and spirit guides. Most people have several of each. Through Ross, these angels and spirit guides convey the information that is most needed or desired by you, the client.

All of Ross's readings are positive and constructive in nature. In addition to answering your personal questions pertaining to love, physical and mental health issues, relationships, soul mates, business, career, relocation, dream interpretation, parents, children, and pets, he covers the following topics: your life's purpose, your undiscovered talents, as well as your past incarnations and how they relate to this life. Ross can also help you to identify, communicate with, and feel the presence of your guardian angels and spirit guides as well as deceased loved ones.

Ross is available for individual or couples readings at his office in Newton, Massachusetts or by telephone.

A Typical Psychic Reading

 A typical psychic reading with Ross is one hour long. During the first 30 minutes of the reading Ross tells you whatever information comes to him from reading your aura and communicating with your angels and spirit guides. This might include describing several of your past lives, your soul purpose or reason for incarnating, as well as your lessons to be learned in this lifetime. Also, as part of the healing process, Ross will often tune into one or more of your energy blocks which might include fears, angers, phobias, aches, pains, and illnesses, childhood and past-life traumas etc. Quite often it is these energy blocks that prevent or block us from achieving our desired goals in life and living out our soul purpose.

After this introductory segment, you can ask Ross all of your questions covering any topic at all. Questions can be about the past, the present, or the future. In addition, you can ask questions about other people or pets who are either living or deceased. Bringing a photograph of that person or pet to the reading makes it easier and quicker for Ross to tune into them. However, it can be done without a photo.

Ross spends the last 10 minutes of the reading trying to release and heal any previously-mentioned energy blocks by cleansing your chakras (energy centers) as well as your aura. Most clients are able to see and feel the negativity from these energy blocks actually leaving their bodies and turning into healing light. As a result, most clients leave the reading very relaxed, feeling positive and more in control of their lives.