Introductory Psychic Development, Past Lives, & Angel Communication Workshop with Ross J. Miller, psychic, medium, regression therapist, healer

Each of us has psychic abilities. In this one-day experiential workshop you won't just talk about them, you'll actually experience them! Learn how to identify your guardian angels and spirit guides by name, feel their loving presence, and receive guidance, inspiration, and healing from them. Discover your soul's purpose and hidden present-life talents. Retrieve all of your missing or fragmented soul parts. Experience two of your past lives and heal any residual karma from those lives. Also, learn how to give psychic readings to others, plus much more...Class space is limited, so register early.

Ross J. Miller is a professional psychic healer, medium, regression therapist, and dream interpreter. For the past 25 years Ross has been guiding people worldwide through his psychic readings that include guardian angel communications, past-life readings, dream interpretation, soul retrieval, as well as aura (energy field) healing and the releasing of karma. As a regression therapist, he guides people back in time (without the use of hypnosis) to the root causes of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. With the help of a host of spirit guides, angels and archangels, he quickly and easily releases these various states of dis-ease from his clients. His psychic readings and healing sessions can be done in person or by telephone. His practice is in Newton, Massachusetts.

I learned more in Ross' one-day workshop than I did in several 3-5 day courses I've taken over the years, and those courses cost a lot more, too. Ross is truly a master teacher.*
-Charlie D., Mystic, CT

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Saturday, March 30, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
$175 (a $100 deposit is required to reserve your place). Please make out your $100 deposit check to: Ross J. Miller, and mail it to: Ross J. Miller, 1075 Washington St., Newton, MA 02465. Please write the workshop date on your check. The balance will be due at the workshop and can be paid by cash or personal check. If at the last minute you're unable to attend the workshop, your deposit will be credited either towards a future workshop, a psychic reading, regression, or healing session.
Sheraton Needham Hotel, 100 Cabot St., Needham, MA 02494 (the hotel is right on the Newton town line just off of Routes 95/128 at the Newton Highlands exit #19-A).
(For directions click here)
The hotel prefers that no food or beverages be brought on site. I suggest that workshop participants eat lunch in the hotel's sports bar restaurant. The food is inexpensive but very good.
Please Bring:
A notepad and a pen. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Also, please bring a sweater or a jacket since the air conditioning can sometimes make the room seem cold. Don't forget to tell your friends about the workshop.
To Register:
Please complete the registration form below and email it to Ross, or call Ross at (617) 527-3583. Please remember to mail in your $100 deposit.
See mailing address above in the Cost section.

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Even though I never considered myself to be psychic and didn't really expect any results from myself, I was very pleasantly surprised. Ross succeeded in creating an atmosphere that made me feel completely at ease to "tune in" to the messages I was receiving and, more importantly, to feel comfortable enough to say them aloud.*
-Liz M., Hollis, NH

I've taken two other past-life regression courses, and this was the first time I've been able to experience my past lives. Finally, somebody who knows what they're doing!*
-Ben P., Portland, ME

As a Reiki practitioner of several years, I found the one-day workshop and my subsequent psychic reading and healing session with Ross J. Miller to be extremely beneficial. I'm now able to sense the abnormalities in each client's aura (energy field) which enables me to heal them much more quickly. Sometimes, I even see and feel various spirit guides and angels around me and my clients assisting in the healing process.*
-Gayle S., Tewksbury, MA

Ross' sense of humor and his easy, clear teaching style made for a wonderful workshop and a really fun day.*
-Gladys B., Pawtucket, RI

I came to Mr. Miller's 1-day workshop with a splitting headache. After the introductory aura and chakra cleansing meditation, my headache was totally gone. Needless to say, I enjoyed the rest of the workshop immensely.*
-John D., Boston, MA